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Third Round of Ignite Detroit #3 Videos Posted

Karen Evans – Death By Branding Norman Witte III – Bromance Aaron Petras – Control Freaks Need Not Apply Matthew Lincoln Russel – Getting Into Detroit Bob Baffy – You Should Totally Make a Game

Second Round of Ignite Detroit #3 Videos Posted

Jeff Chelf – Growing Beards and Finding New Faces Nathan Hughes – Raising Girls Stinks Scott Monty – What Sherlock Holmes Taught Me About Social Media Danielle Kaltz – Figment Detroit Brian Mulloy – Excellence Killed Detroit

First Round of Ignite Detroit #3 Videos Posted

Charlie Wollberg – Imaginary Lines Michelle Pallas – Extra Pair of Underpants Jon Koller – Carfree Discounts Andrew Heaton – Everyone Should Write a Book Jordan Miller – Gurus are for People Who Drink Wheatgrass or Live in LA

Important Details Regarding Ignite Detroit 3

Attending Ignite Detroit 3? Well, we are thrilled to welcome you to Sound Board inside MotorCity Casino Hotel for an awesome evening. Here are important things you should know before arriving: Event Start Time: Doors for Ignite Detroit 3 will open at 6:00pm. Talks will begin at approximately 7:30pm. Parking: Parking at MotorCity Casino Hotel [...]

Musical Guests for Ignite Detroit 3

Musical Guests for Ignite Detroit 3

As tradition, we have an awesome lineup of local, underground, talented artists that will be keeping us entertained in between speaking sessions. DJ La Jedi Reppin’ Detroit to the Uni: Musician, Producer, Dj, Student, Servant to Spirit. Nearly 3 year’s experience supporting M.C.’s in Detroit and Nationwide, facilitating live performance, radio, open mics, cyphers, battles, [...]

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